April 30, 2017 After 100 Days Leeches Feel at Home in White HouseSMFL.jpg
May 01, 2017 Trump to Lose GripSMFL.jpg
May 02, 2017 This Old President Doesn't Rule Time SMFL.jpg
May 03, 2017 GOP to Pursue Freedom to Kill Patients at RiskSMFL.jpg
May 04, 2017GOP Care Bill Asked How Slow Can You Turn BlueSMFL.jpg
May 05, 2017 Republicans race to Save Wealthy People SMFL.jpg
May 06, 2017 Trump Winning Free Admission to RikersSMFL.jpg
May 07, 2017 The Final Jolt to Volkswagon's Broken EngineSMFL.jpg
May 08, 2017 Many Couldn't Stomach Confederate MonumentsSMFL.jpg
May 09, 2017 All-male Panel Meddling About in SkirtSMFL.jpg
May 10, 2017 Trump I wish you Many a Punch in Your Future Endeavors SMFL.jpg
May 11, 2017.Festering Methane Stays in Trump, Roils GutSMFL.jpg
May 12, 2017 President Claims Loyalty Vow From GI JoeSMFL.jpg
May 13, 2017.New Approach, The Art of Seeing ArtSMFL.jpg
May 14, 2017 Lock up Trump Civilians Like More Rights Than They are GettingSMFL.jpg
May 15, 2017 How Much Would You Pay for Big BreastsSMFL.jpg
May 16, 2017 Trump Spilled Secrets to Cash InSMFL.jpg
May 17, 2017 Calls Mount I hope You Can Let Trump GoSMFL.jpg
May 18, 2017 In the Corridors of Power Fear of a President Out of RattlesSMFL.jpg
May 19, 2017 Is Trump A Genius at BriberySMFL?.jpg
May 20 , 2017 NAACP Standing up to Nut Job in the Oval OfficeSMFL.jpg
May 21, 2017 Trump's Gas is Fiery SMFL.jpg
May 22, 2017Predators Follow Dark WordsSMFL.jpg
May 23, 2017 Wish Poverty on Trump to Add to His WoesSMFL.jpg
May 24, 2017 GOP Fears the PresidentSMFL.jpg
May 25, 2017 Heart Drugs for Trump's Addiction to FatSMFL.jpg
May 26, 2017 Trump's Message An attempted Seduction to NATO is BombingSMFL.jpg
May 27, 2017Montana is a Fallen CountrySMFL.jpg
May 28, 2017 From the Mound to the Bottom Trump Faces Discomfort Waking Up with First LadySMFL.jpg
May 29, 2017 The First Lady Caught a Small FishSMFL.jpg
May 30, 2017 This Time Pass the Birth Control SMFL.jpg
May 31, 2017 Blind Advisors Tug on Trump Ties SMFL.jpg
June 1, 2017 Trump Trips on  Curbs Could hurt the poor CovfefeSMFL.jpg
June 2, 2017 Monster Stayiing Put in Private Black Hole SMFL.jpg
June 3, 2017 Trump Problem is Reading SMFL.jpg
June 4, 2017 Mobster Rules Making Big Money Paycheck SMFL.jpg
June 5, 2017 Trump Dragged Under Border Wall SMFL.jpg
June 6, 2017 Trump Rules Relax Before Sex Assault SMFL.jpg
June 7, 2017 Trump Didn;t Want to be President SMFL.jpg
June 8, 2017 Above the Clouds Fake News Rules a Lost Senate SMFL.jpg
June 9, 2017 He Might Lie for Unfettered Oil Monsters SMFL.jpg
June 10, 2017 Trump's Posing as a King of Sins SMFL.jpg
June 11, 2017 Unfriendly Women WIll be Back with a Kapow SMFL.jpg
June 12, 2017 Uber Over SMFL.jpg
June 13, Scuffling Flattereers Tell of Slow Steamy Praises SMFL.jpg
June 14, 2017 Cool Women Feasting on Trump Stews SMFL.jpg
June 15, 2017 Trump to Resign Trump Fired SMFL.jpg
June 16, 2017 Cold Seas Rising in Dark World SMFL.jpg
June 17, 2017 Trump to buy Different Justice DepartmentSMFL.jpg
June 18, 2017 Disdain for Cosby's Sex Life SMFL.jpg
June 19, 2017 Trump Crowned as People Slept SMFL.jpg
June 20, 2017 US is Gerrymandering a Battlefield SMFL.jpg
June 21, 2017 Opioid Drug Prices Too Hot for Addicts' Cash SMFL.jpg
June 22, 2017 Trump is Wary of Reality SMFL.jpg
June 23, 2017 The Poor Won't Pay for the Orwellian Rich SMFL.jpg
June 24, 2017 You Get Rich on Art Work SMFL.jpg
June 25, 2017 GOP Senator Failing at Killing US Health SMFL.jpg
June 26, 2017 Five Republicans Wait for Party Leaders to Blow Trump SMFL.jpg
June 27, 2017 White Men Republicans Taking the Cake SMFL.jpg
June 28, 2017 Trump Steps In It SMFL.jpg
June 29, 2017 What's This City's Heart Worth?SMFL.jpg
June 30, 2017 All-clear for Alfresco SexSMFL.jpg
July 1, 2017 Women Hoping To SIlence TrumpSMFL.jpg
July 2, 2017 New Rules Trump Down With Sex If Alone SMFL.jpg
July 3, 2017 Familiar Scene As Poor Under Trump FootSMFL .jpg
July 3, 2017 Familiar Scene As Poor Under Trump FootSMFL .jpg
July 5, 2017 GOP Senators Lie More than VotersSMFL.jpg
July 6, 2017 Talks of Trump's Stomach Gas Aides Express Unease SMFL.jpg
July 7, 2017 Trump Hopes for Women with Tiny Tunnel SMFL.jpg
July 8, 2017 Trump Asks Putin is War Thrilling as Big Bets on SLotsSMFL .jpg
July 9, 2017 Irked by Women, Trump is WIthout PotencySMFL.jpg
July 10, 2017 Trump Team is Dirt StainSMFL.jpg
July 11, 2017 Get A Say on Birth ControlSMFL.jpg
July 12, 2017 Trump's Deregulation Team Full Speed Ahead on SlaverySMFL.jpg
July 13, 2017 Trump's Huge Hard On Gone in A FlashSMFL.jpg
July 14, 2017 Health Bill Keeps Cuddling for PainSMFL.jpg
July 15, 2017 Rapist says he too met with Trump JrSMFL.jpg
July 16, 2017 Health Bill Stirs Return to Dark ArtsSMFL.jpg
July 17, 2017 To Republicans and Kremlin Rock OnSMFL.jpg
July 18, 2017 Trump is LostSMFL.jpg
July 19, 2017 Trump Gives Putin a RoseSMFL.jpg
July 21, 2017 Trump's Team is Investigating the MuppetsSMFL.jpg
July 22, 2017 President Leaving the Bathroom in HandcuffsSMFL.jpg
July 23, 2017 For Fitness Reject Coca-colaSMFL.jpg
July 24, 2017 Trump Seems to Accept that his Hand is Shrinking SMFL.jpg
July 25, 2017 Kushner Says He DId Not SHoot UP but Prepares for Drug TestingSMFL.jpg
July 26, 2017 Trump's Hot Thing is Very Short in the Cold2017.jpg
July 27, 2017 Trump is Only Seen on the LInksSMFL.jpg
July 28, 2017 Scarucci Day One Is a Cartoon MeltdownSMFL.jpg
July 29, 2017 Trump Voters to Care for Fragile Baby's Anxiety In the WHite HouseSMFL.jpg
July 30, 2017 Wacky Vermonters Go Off Satirizing PresidentSMFL.jpg
July 31, 2017 New York To Offer a Bronx Cheer toTrumpSMFL.jpg
August 1, 2017, A Huge Dark Side At White House, Danger Lurks SMFL.jpg
August 2, 2017, Live in Fear Raise Fears of the World's Fears SMFL.jpg
August 3, 2017, A Plan to Curtail Day Job for the President SMFL.jpg
August 4, 2017, Trump's Not the President for Freedom SMFL.jpg
August 5, 2017, Money Said to be Buried at White House Trump Takes Credit SMFL.jpg
August 6, 2017, Billionaire's Begging President to Return Covert Aid SMFL.jpg
August 7, 2017, Trump Unlikely to Seek Coal Mine Shift SMFL.jpg