November 16, 2017, Tax Plan Unfair to a Small Fragile Planet SMFL.jpg
November 17, 2017, Close Families Scorned the GOP in Alabama SMFL.jpg
November 19, 2017 GOP 's Moore Lays Student SMFL,.jpg
November 20, 2017 First Lady Should HAve Left Man SMFL.jpg
November 21, 2017, Elephants Must Leave White House SMFL.jpg
November 22, 2017, Trump is Chief Turkey SMFL.jpg
November 23, 2017, Trump Howls Love Hurts SMFL.jpg
November 24, 2017 Young Girls' Talk Might Cut Off Trump's Gusher SMFL.jpg
November 25, 2017 America Flipped Off Trump Taint in Chief SMFL.jpg
November 26, 2017 Picturing a One-and-Done- Victory Trump Vanishes SMFL.jpg
November 27, 2017 Trump's Deals are Secret Sex Settlements SMFL.jpg
November 28, 2017 Wealthy Up the Pressure to Senators Royal Nuts smfl.jpg
November 29, 2017 Trump's on Vulgar Tape Aides Pushed to Test a New Stun Gun SMFL.jpg
November 30, Trump STars in Extremist Videos SMFL.jpg
December 1, 2017 Women Accuse Trump of Assault Fix the Old Tiger SMFL.jpg
December 2, 2017 Moore Finds Sizzling Sex in a Heated Back Seat for Generations SMFL.jpg
" Erasing Trump SMFL.jpg
December 4, 2017 Trump Buying Twitter to Avery Shutdown SMFL.jpg
December 5, 2017 2 Million Acres to Abuse It's OK with Utah SMFL.jpg
December 6, 2017 Trump Feeding on the CHildren's Cake SMFL.jpg
December 7, 2017 Enamored President Snarls and Comes SMFL.jpg
December 8, 2017 Franken is Abruptly Left on HIghways SMFL.jpg
December 9, 2017 Trump Chokes on the Lord's Prayer SMFL.jpg
December 10, 2017 THe President May Leave Money in his Will but not for Taxes SMFL.jpg
December 11, 2017 Trump's Accusers Lacking Power SMFL.jpg
December 12, 2017 Texas Congressman's Blue After Redhead Patrol Attack SMFL .jpg
December 13, 2017 Democrat Wins in Alabama Trump's Living Scared SMFL.jpg
December 14, 2017 G.O.P. Way Off on Tax Bill SMFL.jpg
December 15, 2017 Faces of the F.C.C. in Trump Lap SMFL.jpg
December 16, 2017 White House Love and Sex are Scaled Back SMFL.jpg
December 17, 2017 Trump Tried With Her SMFL.jpg
December 18, 2017 G.O.P Fears the Little Guy SMFL.jpg
December 18, 2017 G.O.P Fears the Little Guy SMFL.jpg
December 19, 2017 Tax Bill Sinks the Poor SMFL .jpg
December 20, 2017 What About Pushing G.O.P. from Train? SMFL.jpg
December 21, 2017 G.O.P. Savoring Graft SMFL.jpg
December 21, 2017 The President Says Death is Health SMFL.jpg
December 23, 2017 Trump Weighs In The Fattest Domino To Flip SMFL.jpg
December 24, 2017 Trump is Proudly Rich SMFL.jpg
December 25, 2017 G.O.P. Makes Millions of Dollars Each Year to Tame the Neediest SMFL.jpg
December 26, 2017 Schools on Your Block Losing Cash SMFL.jpg
December 27, 2017 Legal Thorn in Trump's Side Creates Legal Thicket SMFL.jpg
December 29, 2017 Women Star in the Roller Derby SMFL.jpg
December 31, 2017 Trump in Own Plot, Under Dirt SMFL.jpg
January 1, 2018 Try to be Loved. Love Hurts. SMFLjpg
January 2, 2018 California Energized to Drive on Pot SMFL.jpg
January 3, 2018 Trump Attacks Pork SMFL.jpg
January 4, 2018 Native Americans Ponder Americans SMFL.jpg
January 5, 2018 The Party Starts with Marijuana Hits SMFL.jpg
January 6, 2018 Presidential Aides See Trump's Bitter Face SMFL.jpg
January 7, 2018 President's Mind is the Biggest Threat to Intelligence SMFL.jpg
January 8, 2018 Bannon Wilts in Trump's Pockets SMFL.jpg
January 9, 2018 Trump Dirt Storm Ends by Next Year SMFL.jpg
January 9, 2018 Trump Dirt Storm Ends by Next Year SMFL.jpg
January 10, 2018 I'll Take the Pork He Says Seeming to Back a Broader Deal SMFL.jpg
January 11, 2018 President Pigs on More Pork and Waffles SMFL.jpg
January 12, 2018 Feed Trump to the Fires SMFL.jpg
January 13, 2018 Hush Silence Porn Talk Words SMFL.jpg
January 14, 2018 Maginify Fake News Trump's Only Smaller Now SMFL.jpg
January 15, 2018 President Insists He is Not a Foe to the Racist SMFL.jpg
January 16, 2018. Trump Hopes for a World Full of 7-11's SMFL.jpg
January 17, 2018 Bannon is an Awful Man SMFL.jpg
January 18, 2018 Trump Paying a Price for HIs Hard On SMFL.jpg
January 19, 2018 Democrats Dig Affordable Rent SMFL.jpg
January 20, 2018 Ou Out Army of Women Fires President SMFL.jpg



January 22, 2018 President Craving Crisis SMFL.jpg
January 23, 2018 Don't Call Her a Radical Rosie Pay Her SMFL.jpg
January 24, 2018 Cutting School Over Gunfire SMFL.jpg
January 25, 2018 President Says Yes to Secret Females SMFL.jpg
January 26, 2018 Back to the Drawing Board Now Tilt The Wall SMFL.jpg
January 27, 2018 SIgns of the Higher Cities Pot WIns Praise. SMFL jpg
January 28, 2018 Shadowy Gloom Deepens SMFL.jpg
January 29, 2018 IF YOU PAY RISING PRICES For Artwork Is Picasso NEARBY? SMFL.jpg
January 30, 2018 Foes Say Toodle-00 Republicans TRUMP LEAVES ABRUPTLY SMFL.jpg
January 31, 2018 Trump Talks Still No Appeal SMFL.jpg
February 1, 2018 The Devil to Train G.O.P. With Trump To-do List SMFL .jpg
February 2, 2018 Over Fed Trump Grows in the Gut SMFL.jpg
February 3, 2018 GOP Faces Look Criminal SMFL.jpg
February 4, 2018 Democrats Love Books SMFL.jpg
February 5, 2018 Trump Arms G.O.P. SMFLjpg
February 6, 2018 Can Trump Next SMFL.jpg
February 7, 2018 FEMA Vendor Dumps Millions of Poison Chips SMFL.jpg
February 8, 2018 Tony the Tiger in White House to Govern Obesity SMFL.jpg
February 9, 2018 Fight the WHite House Fight Club SMFL.jpg
February 10, 2018 Trump Deal A Break on Sex Prices SMFL.jpg
February 11, 2018 Thoughts about Trump where did Your Sex Scandal Go SMFL.jpg
February 12, 2018 Trump Doesn't Fit Clothes Quite Right Tries to Pin Split Suit SMFL.jpg
February 13, 2018 Trump's Kingdom's a New Jail SMFL.jpg
February 14, 2018 Corruption to Work for the White House SMFL.jpg
February 15, 2018 Senators Agree You Can't Ban Bribery SMFL.jpg
February 16, 2018 First Lady's Moment Flashes Another President SMFL.jpg
February 17, 2018 Trump Smelling Bad SMFL .jpg
February 18, 2018 No Gun No Danger SMFL.jpg
February 19, 2018 Trump's Old Member Refuses to Harden SMFL.jpg
February 20, 2018 Shots and Bots are War Machine SMFL.jpg
February 21, 2018 A Gut Feeling - Ban Florida SMFL.jpg
February 22, 2018 Trump Sends Daughter Millions SMFL.jpg
February 23, 2018 Trump Suggests That Armed Teachers Get Death in School SMFL.jpg